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Incentives For Quality
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Incentives For Quality

Paying for better quality has been gaining ground within the U.S. in the form of various pay for performance initiatives. Some early programs include:

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award was created by Public Law 100-107, signed into law on August 20, 1987. The Award is named for Malcolm Baldrige, who served as Secretary of Commerce from 1981 until his death in a rodeo accident in 1987. Baldrige’s managerial excellence contributed to long-term improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of government. The overall approach to quality in this program is to reward excellent quality initiatives and results. See http://www.nist.gov/baldrige/

Use the link below to download the Malcolm Baldrige performance tool. For this exercise, simply complete the tool yourself for your organization. The tool is to be used to assess whether your organization is making progress toward its goals.


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