Two Contrasting Organizations
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Two Contrasting Organizations

Tim noticed on his first day of work at Healthy Home Hospital that everyone seemed to take seriously the daily chores that were given mere token concern at his former place of employment, Casual Care Clinic. He was puzzled by the sense of rigor in attending to things like sharps disposal and the dedicated following of protocol for sterilization of instruments. He appreciated it, as he had always prided himself on attention to detail, but he had never worked for an organization where everyone seemed to care about these small items.

Healthy Home Hospital
Casual Care Clinic

Tim’s reasoning in deciding to take the job with HHH was two-fold. First he had been dissatisfied with management at CCC, feeling that there was no relevance between how management was leading and the actual care provided. Second, though CCC was a more modern building in a nicer section of town, he recognized that the patients were steadily trending toward HHH.

Casual Care Clinic is notable as a large new clinic located in a nice part of town. To all outward appearances it should be a very successful practice. Unfortunately, due to a few notable mishaps and some bad press, the clinic is not well regarded by the population around it, and in fact is looked at as a last resort for medical care. Due to this, the patient base is fluctuating, and few of the providers have a stable panel of patients. This has affected the way care is provided because patients are seen not as long term “customers” but just one-time users.


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