What is a Chart Audit?
Purposes of the Chart Audits
Chart Audits in Quality Improvement
Planning a Chart Audit
Questions to Consider
How to Conduct an Audit
Check Your Understanding
Using Results for Quality Improvement

Planning a Chart Audit

A well thought-out plan is essential to carrying out a chart audit that will yield useable data. The first questions to consider are:

  • What is the topic/focus of the audit?
  • Is the topic/focus too narrow or broad?
  • Is there a measure for the topic/focus?
  • Is this measure available in the medical record?
  • Has this been measured before?
    • If “yes”, then a benchmark or standard exists;
    • If “no”, then a standard for comparison may not exist.

Click on one or more of the links below for examples

Cervical cancer

Medication administration

Falls in
hospitalized patients


Chart auditing is an iterative process – don’t be discouraged if the answers to some of the questions above change several times before being finalized.
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