What is a Chart Audit?
Purposes of the Chart Audits
Chart Audits in Quality Improvement
Planning a Chart Audit
Questions to Consider
How to Conduct an Audit
Check Your Understanding
Using Results for Quality Improvement
How to Conduct an Audit

There are 8 steps in conducting a formal chart audit. Although the process is not always necessarily linear, this list represents the general steps involved.
  1. Select a Topic
  2. Identify Measures
  3. Identify Patient Population
  4. Determine Sample Size
  5. Create Audit Tools
  6. Collect Data
  7. Summarize Results
  8. Analyze and Apply Results
Objectives Click here to see a mnemonic to assist in remembering the steps!

We will discuss each step in turn. Several examples are provided to illustrate each step. It is recommended that you follow one example through the steps in order, before looking at the other examples.






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