Measurement: Process and Outcome Indicators
Methods of Quality Improvement
Things Quality Improvement is NOT
Summative Experience


The purpose of this module is to help you understand and apply principles and practices of Quality Improvement (QI). It will cover:

  • Measures of quality
  • Models of QI
  • The differences between QI and research

The module has 5 sections:

  • Introduction - Brief intro to QI, stated importance and highlight issues.
  • Part 1 – Measurement: Process and outcome indicators
  • Part 2 - Methods of Quality Improvement
  • Part 3 – Things Quality Improvement is NOT
  • Summative Experience: Application level FADE and PDSA

Each section will include comprehension questions or exercises for your use to verify you have understood the material.

Module Authors
Beau Wiseman, MEd
Victoria S. Kaprielian, MD


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